Ramsey Rural Museum

The Well in Winter

Well in Winter

The well was discovered in 1988, when a tractor that had been ploughing the back field hit a huge lump of stone.  Stan Beebe a founder member of the Museum, who was at the time working on one of the carts went to investigate .  When the stone was moved slightly he heard a sound of splashing underneath, after more investigation he discovered that the stone had been over a well.

After talking to the driver of the Tractor it was suggested that Lord de Ramsey should be informed, so Stan went to the Estate Offices and while he was there they had a look at some old estate maps but there was nothing mentioned about a well on any of them.  It is possible that the well belonged to the Monks of Ramsey Abbey because it lies almost in the boundary line of the outer precinct of the Abbey, of course this cannot be confirmed.

Lord de Ramsey told the Museum if they would like to make a feature of the well he would extend the boundary of the Museum to include it, the offer was duly accepted.  Manpower Services were brought in to build the well head, during this period the well was pumped dry twice.  It was found to be 26ft deep and 10ft wide with 16ft of water in it, within 2 hours of pumping out the water 16ft of water had flowed back in again.  The well is obviously tapped in to an underground stream for this to happen.

The water to date has never been tested for its purity and no records were kept about the construction materials of the well.