Ramsey Rural Museum

Ramsey Rural Museum 2021

On 21th November we will host the annual Pre Christmas Food and Craft Fair. 
Write this event in your calendar.

Our tea-room will be open , with chairs and tables being available in the Courtyard and tea room for you to sit and relax.

What are we?
We are an independent museum in Huntingdonshire situated in open
countryside on the edge of a small Fenland town. Housed in renovated 17th century farm buildings, the museum is full of items and exhibits kindly donated by local companies and the public.
Ramsey Rural Museum is a charitable incorporated organisation that is managed and maintained entirely by volunteers.

What will you find here?

On site there are many areas showing a variety of machinery, implements
and vehicles spanning 200 years of rural life.

Both the Chemist Shop and the Cobblers Shop were donated to the museum
– the former had been owned by the Whitwell family of Peterborough and the latter from the Paul’s of Chatteris.

A history of the drainage of the Fens can be found in the Pump Room along with tools used for hedging, ditching and turfing.

What else do we offer?
We have a wonderful second-hand bookshop in the Courtyard where there is a great selection of good quality books at bargain prices on a large range of subjects.
Come along and browse, if you are just visiting the
Bookshop you don’t need to pay Museum admission, but while
you’re there why not pop into the tea-room for a cuppa and a
slice of cake!
As well as fiction we have books on:
Handicrafts, Sports, Transport, Poetry and classics, WW1 and WW2,
Biographies, Travel, Gardening, Cookery, History
We welcome donations of clean, good quality books to add to our stock

The Barn Annexe gives a fascinating insight into the work of Wheelwrights
and Farriers, and amongst the myriad of farming equipment there are even examples of some 19th century Graffiti!

There is so much to look at in the Trades Room. As the name suggests there are displays depicting a range of occupations and memorabilia from local
companies. Through the tea room is G B Hyde’s Shop – the former home furnishings and draper’s shop.

The thatched Well was one of the sources of water for the nearby Ramsey Abbey. We even have a 2 seater Privy!

The Stable Block is a two storey building packed with nostalgia.
Upstairs is an old schoolroom  ,toys and games  along with displays dedicated to the armed forces, police and fire services and railways in Ramsey .

Also on display are exhibits of Ramsey at war 

On the ground floor the three lifestyle rooms and various cabinets exhibit numerous artefacts from years gone by.

The museum also houses extensive archives of local family history and the range of paperwork, maps and photographs are available for photocopying. Ramsey and its surrounding villages are also well documented.

Light refreshments are provided either in our Tea Room or alfresco in the courtyard. If you prefer, bring a picnic and enjoy the peaceful setting.

Throughout the year we hold many events details of which appear on our ‘events page’.

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If you are unable to find what you are searching for
please use the ‘Contact Us’ button to send a message, or telephone on
01487-815715. We will reply to all messages as soon as possible.