The archaeological collection at Ramsey Rural Museum has objects which were found in digs and investigations around Ramsey, and these provide a unique insight into the area’s ancient past. These archaeological items are complemented by the banner displays in the barn, which tell the story of the famous “Ramsey the Golden” – Ramsey Abbey.

Ramsey Abbey Buildings

A decorative, carved piece of 13th century Barnack stone, probably from Ramsey Abbey. This is just one item from the extensive collection of stonework in the museum – some of which are in the museum building themselves.

The Ramsey Psalters

The Ramsey Psalters are books of Psalms that were created in the 1300s and destined for use by the monks of Ramsey Abbey, or possibly by it’s founder, St Oswald.

This reproduction of a page, showing the murder of Thomas a Becket, is on display in the barn. Copies of this page are on sale in reception.


Glazed Babylon-Ware water jug. This type of pottery was made only in an island area of Ely (where the marina now resides). This was found in Benwick and donated by Roger Brereton.

Keys and Coins

This medieval key was found in 1981 at the end of the lane to the museum. It is part of the collection of keys and coins on display in the barn. More Keys and locks can be found in the Trades Room.