The archaeological collection at Ramsey Rural Museum comprises many objects found in digs around Ramsey, and which provide an insight into its ancient past. These are complemented by the banner displays in the barn which tell the story of the famous “Ramsey the Golden” – Ramsey Abbey.

Glazed Babylon-Ware water jug. This was found in Benwick and donated by Roger Brereton.

A Tudor Thumb Pot used outdoors for watering seedlings, or indoors for dampening the rush matting covering earth or stone floors.

This was mistakenly identified as a flagon and displayed in one of the agricultural exhibits. It was “re-discovered” during a refurbishment and re-housed in the archaeological displays.

A medieval key, found in 1981 at the end of the lane to the museum.

Decorative, carved stonework

13th century Barnack stone, probably from Ramsey Abbey. These are part of the selection of stonework in the museum.

Boss Stone before cleaning
A page from the Ramsey Psalter

The original 1310 Ramsey Psalter is now in the United States. This reproduction of a page, showing the murder of Thomas a Becket, is on display in the barn.

Copies of this page are on sale in reception.