Archive Binders


This is an index to the museum’s archive binders. These contain photographs, documents, maps and ephemera pertaining to Ramsey and the surrounding area. The binders are stored in reception.

1 Warboys, Ramsey St Marys, Wistow, Somersham

1a  Bury

2   Brampton, Ramsey Mereside, Ramsey Hollow, Connington, Sawtry, St Ives, Hartford, Farcet, Broughton, Huntingdon, Woodwalton, Godmanchester, The Hemingfords

2a  Upwood, The Raveleys

2b   Ramsey Fortyfoot

3   Chatteris, Pondersbridge, Ramsey Heights, Abbots Ripton, King Ripton, Holme

4   Gas, Light & Coke Co.

5   School Photos ? 1933 & 1936

6   R.A.F. Upwood and Warboys

7   Ramsey School Photos (Station Road and Infants School)

8   World War 1, Zulu Wars, Boer Wars.

9   World war 11

10   Ramsey Churches

11   Fire Brigade, Fires, Floods, Police, Criminals, Prison, Workhouse, Railways, Buses, Canals & waterways, other Transport

12   Death Notices (Memorial cards) of many locations

12a  Death Notices (Ramsey)

13   Agriculture

14   Marriages at St Thomas a Becket, Ramsey

15   Benwick Census 1901 and Benwick, modern entries. Census 1841

16   Grammar School – and magazines

17   Schools: Abbey, Ailwyn, Secondary Modern, Bank House and Others

18   Scouts, Guides, Sports, Youth Centre, British Legion, W.I., Friendly Society, Town Council, Tuesday Club, Golf Club, Young Farmers

19  Ramsey Families

19a   Ramsey People

20   Family Trees

20a   Family Trees (Ramsey)

21   Bury Brook, Ramsey Dock.

22   School Photos

23 Church Records, Memorial Inscriptions, Huntingdon, The Hemingfords, Ramsey Methodists, Ramsey St Marys

24 The Fellowes Family

25 Benwick

26 Ramsey Junior School (Station Rd) Photos

27 Ramsey: History, Excavations, Memories, Mills, Vistas

27a Maps and Plans

28 Carnivals, Victory Celebrations, Flower Festivals, Horticultural Society, Other Diversions

29 Drama, Music, Cinema, Town Band, Jubilees, Coronations, Politics

30 Ramsey Abbey: History and Dissolution

30a Sites connected with the Abbey

30b Ramsey Abbey: The 18th Century, Finds and Excavtions

31 The Abbey Gatehouse, pictures of the Abbey

32 Businesses, Industries, Trade Fair, Peterborough Trade directory (1250 – 1350), Post Office

33 Ramsey Pubs

34 Ramsey: Streets, Sites and Houses

35 Monumental Inscriptions: St Ives, Toseland, Upwood, Waresley, Woodhurst, Yelling, Benwick Baptist Chapel.

36 Monumental Inscriptions: Brington, Buckden, Covington,Keyston, Leighton, Bromswold, Little Paxton, Molesworth, Old Weston, Stilton.

37 Monumental Inscriptions: Alconbury cum Weston


39 Monumental Inscriptions: Buckden, Gt Staughton, Perry

40 Parrish Registers: Keyston Church

41 1881 Census: Warboys

42 1881 Census: Upwood and the Raveleys. Wills – 1758-93

43 1881 Census: Broughton, Bury, the Raveleys, Upwood, Wistow

44 1881 Census: Ramsey Strays, East Anglia N-Y, London Middlesex A-Z

45 1881 Census: Ramsey Strays, east Anglia A-M

46 1851 Census: Earith, warboys. 1841 Census; Alconbury, Somersham, Buckden, Ramsey, Godmanchester, The Hemingfords, Hilton

47 1881 Census: Ramsey A-F

47a 1881 Census: Ramsey G-N

47b 1881 Census: Ramsey ) O-Z P.O. Directory 1851

48 History, Gazeteer and Directory of Huntingdonshire 1854

49 1881 Census: Ramsey Strays-London and all other Counties

50 1891 Census: Colne, Upwood, the Raveleys, Ramsey

51 Hunts County Almanack and Year Book 1891

52 St Ives Union Workhouse: Births and Deaths 1836-1913

53 National Burial Index: Ramsey, Bury, the Raveleys, wistow, Broughton

54 Kelley’s Directory: 1890, 1920, 1931, 1936

55 1841 Census: Bluntisham, Earith, Broughton, Bury, Colne, Hartford, Holywell-cum-Needingworth, Houghton, St Ives.

56 Spare Binder

57 History of Giddings, Marriages and parish records of Hemingford Grey. Parish records of keyston

58 Hunts Marriage index 1601-1700 A-H

59 Hunts Marriage index 1601-1700 I-Z

Naturally, there is an overlap of topics so you are advised to search all indices for what you require.