Re-live your childhood, with the displays of toys and games, a child’s bedroom from the 1940s, Ramsey school uniforms and class photographs. Imagine what school was like for Victorian children in the classroom re-created using desks, chairs and other material from former Ramsey Town Council School. See what life was like for children in World War II, or simply delve deeper into childhood memories in the archives.

Vintage Toys

Puppets from the 1950s – complete with disembodied hands.

A 1960’s dolls’ house.

Childhood in World War II

A child’s WW2 gas mask, often called as the Mickey Mouse mask. This mask, for a child aged 2-5 years old, is in the Darlow’s Farm Cottage. Another type of (far scarier) mask is in the Civil Defence section of the Stable Block.

A 3rd type of gask mask is included in the WW2 Evacuees Suitcase, part of the museum’s Loan Boxes scheme for schools and other organisations.

School Photographs

Do you recognise yourself or a relative in this Ramsey Secondary Modern School class photograph taken on 18th September 1958?

If you went to school in the Ramsey area anytime up to the 1980s there is a good chance that your school photograph is the Archives. It may even be on display in the reception or tea room areas.

School Uniforms

Hyde’s shop contains examples of the purple and gold uniform of Ramsey Grammar School. Hyde’s were uniform suppliers to the school.

The blazer and tie from the 1960s was worn by Richard Beville.


Glenys Stoke’s beret from the 1950s.

Baby Clothing

A baby’s dress belonging to Janice Blackhurst (nee Papworth). This is displayed in the Darlow’s Farm Cottage, where she lived.

A photograph of Janice wearing the dress. This is also in the cottage.