Re-live your childhood, with the displays of toys and games, a bedroom from the 1940s, Ramsey school uniforms and class photographs. Image what school was like for Victorian children in the classroom re-created using desks, chairs and other material from former Ramsey Town Council School. Delve deeper into childhood memories in the archives.

Dolls House
Victorian Toy Pram

A Teddy bear in a suitcase, ready to be evacuated in World War II.

A baby’s dress belonging to Janice Blackhurst (nee Papworth) and a photograph of her wearing it. Both are in the Darlow’s Farm Cottage, where she lived.

A Bayko model construction set, made in the mid 20th century, is in the Toys and Games display.

Glenys Stoke’s beret from the 1950s.

Examples of the purple and gold uniform of Ramsey Grammar School are in the Hyde’s shop, who were uniform suppliers to the school.


Richard Beville’s blazer and tie.