Visit Darlow’s Farm cottage and see domestic life without electricity, running water, or an inside toilet. Go back to the Victorian era with the museum’s portrayal of a kitchen, a parlour and a Gentleman Naturalist’s study. Shop at GB Hyde’s, which has been lovingly re-imagined at the museum. Or maybe tend your garden with the vintage garden equipment. All are part of the museum’s domestic displays.

This rug was made sometime before 1935 by Mr Ralph Papworth, the first owner Darlow’s Farm Cottage, and was used in the cottage until they left in 1947.

This Bush three wave band radio in a veneered fibre-board casing, dating from the 1950s, is located in the Old Stable Block.

It is part of our collection of domestic audio equipment, that spans the period from the early 1920s up to the late 1990s.

A metal food safe, or larder cupboard, was used to keep food cool before electric fridges. Air vents in the door and sides provide the cooling.

This is displayed in Darlow’s Farm Cottage, which had no electricity. It was gifted by Russell Giddings of Ramsey

An aluminum pudding steamer dating from the 1920s, gifted to us by Mrs Grace Tinkler of Ramsey. It is displayed in The Cottage.

A brown fabric wallet which contained men’s shirt collars. Gifted by Mr Neville Bailey of Ramsey.

Blue ladies dress from the 1940s. Gifted by Mr & Mrs Chadwick of Ramsey.

The collars are in Hyde’s shop, the dress is in the Old Stable Block.

This cupboard is known as a fan cupboard because the wooden supports on the back radiate out from the centre. It is in the Old Stable Block.

This tea set is made of Britannia metal – silver-plated tin. It was made in Sheffield and donated to us by a local family.

The dinner service in the cupboard was made by Ford and Sons, Burslem, Staffordshire.

This example of a 1970’s Panther 30 Qualcast hand-operated lawn mower is among a wide selection of garden machinery in the Gardening Display.