Ramsey Rural Museum

Ramsey Horticultural Club

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Horticultural show.

From 1pm until 5pm

At Ramsey Rural Museum

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10 Free Admission


8:00am - 10:30am    Staging Exhibits

11: 00am                  Judging

1:00pm                     Open for Public Viewing

3:45pm                     Auction of Produce

4:30pm                     Presentation of Trophies




On 28th July we are holding the twenty sixth Annual Show since the
Ramsey and District Horticultural Society (also known as the Garden
Club) was reformed.
This event is not just for serious gardeners or even for only members of the Society. It is open to entries from everyone in the community. If you take a few moments to look through this schedule, you will find that it is not simply about perfect flowers and vegetables but that there are opportunities for everyone to take part.

Even if you have never entered a show before you will be welcome to 'try
your hand'.
There are chances to show a single flower or misshapen vegetable.

The show is not restricted to gardeners. For example there are chances
for cooks to enter their produce and for budding photographers to show
their work.

We try not to be too serious and aim to give everyone a chance to
contribute to a fun day. You can help by entering and by visiting during
the afternoon. The Show is held at the Ramsey Rural Museum which
must be one of the best venues in the area and entrance to the show is
. Adequate parking is available and the museum will be providing
refreshments. You can look around the extensive collections in the
museum at their normal entry charges. Why not put together some entries
and join in? If you are uncertain about what to do on the day, members of
the Club will be available to help you.

Even if you cannot make an entry come along and view the show.

If you would like more information, please contact Ian Gaunt
(01487 710702
, ian.gaunt@care4free.net).

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