Learning at Ramsey Rural Museum

Here at the Museum we are able to provide or support a range of learning activities – both inside and outside the school environment.

School Visits

We welcome all school and community groups to Ramsey Rural Museum and we will work with you to plan a full or half day visit linked to your objectives.
The museum exhibits can support many parts of the school curriculum.

For more details: Plan Your Visit.

To see what past visitors have said: What Schools Say.

Outreach Programme

If you are not able to arrange a visit to the museum then we can:

  • Bring a set of artefacts to you to support speaking & listening and writing.
  • Create a loan box to bring objects from the past into your classroom (£20 per half term)
  • Organise an online question and answer session.
  • Show exhibits and artefacts using FaceTime or Skype to children and/or staff.

On-line Learning

To support our offerings to schools we have created a variety of material that can be accessed on-line. These include:

A history of Ramsey Fires

Ramsey at War – wartime spies and bombing raids

Queen Isabella’s and a visit to Ramsey Abbey

In addition we have these mini-websites (which open in a new window):

Local educationist and author Sybil Marshall

The lives of Fen Children

The potato – a fenland speciality crop

Kids in Museums

Ramsey Rural Museum has signed up to the Kids in Museums Manifesto. We are delighted to be on board and in the company of around 1000 other museums See Kids in Museums for more details.

Kids Activities

We can arrange activities for young children who visit the museum. These include:

The Nursery Rhyme Trail

Brass Rubbing

Treasure Chest