Loan Boxes

The museum has a selection of loans boxes that can be hired by schools and organisations. The Loan boxes may contain some original artefacts as well as replicas, together with illustrated material, background information/teachers notes.

We would also be happy to discuss creating a specific box for your projects.
Please contact for more details, contents of the boxes, availability and costs.

Loan Boxes currently available

The Toys Loan Box

This box would ideally support the Key Stage 1 curriculum to compare and contrast toys of the past with their modern equivalents and also to look at materials. The box holds 25 original and replica toys from times gone by including: a ventriloquist’s dummy, a hand puppet, early snap game, whip and top, cup and ball, yoyo, assorted model lead figures, miniature tea set, a tinplate clockwork toy.

Early Years Treasure Chest

Created as part of the 2019 Talking Together Cambridgeshire County Council initiative, the Treasure Chest is a collection of objects from around the museum. The contents have been specifically chosen for young children to touch and examine at close quarters. Information about each object is available so that adults can engage children’s curiosity in talking and learning about the past.

WW2 Evacuees Suitcase

The World War 2 Evacuees box contains a number of original and replica items including: a child’s gas mask, a junior identity card and child’s ration book, a letter from the King, a replica letter from an evacuee and a school essay detailing the experience of an evacuee, a pair of child’s spectacles, a flat cap, a toy bear and other child’s toys, a comic and copy of a children’s newspaper of the time, a wooden ruler and ink pen, 4oz weekly ration of boiled sweets, …..Please get in touch to obtain the full list of items.

WW2 Food and Ration Box

Information coming soon