Ramsey Rural Museum



Events for the next couple of months are:

3 June Ford Model T Club Contact Jean who is running this event

16/18 June Westwood Caravan Club Contact Jean who is running this event

10 June Murder Mystery Contact Jean who is running this event

24/25 June Donkey Day Contact Ian who is running this event

24/25 June Museums on Air Contact Steve who is running this event

Museum Thefts

As you know we suffered a burglary at the end of March losing our ride on mower and most of our tools. This is a big setback and will affect our continuing ability to undertake maintenance projects this season. James, Helens son, set up an appeal on line which has so far resulted in gifts of £580. This together with people offering donations direct to us has gone some way towards assisting us with the costs of replacing the lost items. We still need more funds but this is a great start. Thank you to all who have helped to date.


Work continues on this year’s big project of installing doors on the Cart Hovel. Peter is doing a fine job as usual and we now have two sets of doors fitted and some painting still to do.

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Weekend Volunteers

Yes, this is the usual plea for people to cover weekends. Currently we enjoy the support of only three couples who between them are undertaking this task every weekend and bank holiday. We desperately need some more people to help in this area. A list of ‘available’ days is in Reception.
PLEASE take one and add your name. We don’t need a regular commitment, the odd day will help and full training will be provided.
Whilst on the subject of volunteers we need people for both site maintenance and large item artefact conservation i.e. farm implements, training could be available for this.
So if you know anyone who would be prepared to help we need people prepared to turn a hand to these and lots of other things, PLEASE pass the word along. (I am trying very hard not to mention Marquees, up, down, moved or anything else for that matter!)