Ramsey Rural Museum


Another Theft

You will all have heard the news that the Museum has been burgled again and eight of our enamelled signs taken from the side of the wood barn. The police have been involved but are not hopeful given the nature of the site and the items taken, but we have to hold out hope. If anyone has a spare 5 minutes it would be great if you could search Ebay/Gumtree etc to see if the signs are for sale and also if you hear anything ‘on the grapevine’.

So here we are already at the beginning of June. Lots of work and maintenance completed and, of course, plenty still to do.
The Gravel areas have almost been completed and some of our artefacts have been put in place, it really makes and good show and will help with maintenance and show off the items better. We hope to receive a grant from Museums in Cambridgeshire to help cover some of the costs.

Peter continues to make great progress on the Cart Hovel doors, they do look good !

The office has had a clean and the start of carpet being laid and a small reconfiguration to hopefully make it easier to fit everyone in. This work continues.

Alan is just putting the finishing touches to the Fen Cottage handrails and window mesh that the planners have insisted on.

Malcolm and Phil have almost finished the Photo Booth for Helen and Co which will help them take pictures of artefacts for Modes records. Also there is a rumour that they may be offering a sideline in passport photos, form an orderly queue here……

Events for the next few weeks are:


16/18 June Westwood Caravan Club Contact Jean who is running this event

10 June Murder Mystery Contact Jean who is running this event

24/25 June Donkey Day Contact Ian who is running this event

24/25 June Museums on Air Contact Steve who is running this event