Ramsey Rural Museum

The Well in Winter

Well in Winter


The existence of  the well, which is situated on the South East side of the museum, was found by accident by Stan Beeby, our first Life President, When ploughing the field adjacent to the museum, a number of large stones and slabs were unearthed by the plough. Because this is unusual in this locality, further investigations were made and an area of the soil in the region of the stones was carefully removed. This revealed other slabs and stones which were found to be covering of the well. The walls of the well had been lined with bricks and the top supported by arching, again in brick, being the usual formation of such structures years ago.

In 1988 the well was pumped dry and a quantity of 4000 gallons of water was extracted. It measures 26ft deep by 10ft across and there is always about 16ft of water in it. It has been pumped out twice and within 2 to 3 hours, we have 16ft of water in it again The site of the well did, at the time it was found in 1981, lay beyond the boundary of the land leased to the museum but the Hon John Fellowes again stepped in and ceded an additional strip of land to enable the well to be incorporated within the site of the museum. The structure above the well was constructed by the Manpower Services Unit in 1987. The source of the well water is not yet known and previous knowledge and information about the well has not yet been traced. The roof of the well head was thatched by Arthur Dodson and his team thanks once again to the Hon John Fellowes.