A collection of videos featuring events at Ramsey Rural Museum, coupled with ones of historical and social significance

Recent Events

John Impey has produced videos of many of the major events held at Ramsey Rural Museum over a number of years. Follow the YouTube links below to view a representative selection of recent ones.

Events Archive

There are a number of videos of events that took place in earlier years. These come from a variety of sources. Follow the links to see a selection of the more unusual ones.

Historical and Social Material

Towards the end of his life, the Ramsey Rural Museum volunteer Dick Cooper gave a series of interviews in which he described how he started working on local farms with heavy horses at the tender age of 10. His life-long association with horses eventually led to a meeting with The Queen. Use the links below to see all of these interviews.

In 2015, The Heritage Lottery funded a youth project telling the story of people evacuated to Chatteris during World War II.  It was filmed on location at Ramsey Rural Museum. More details can be found in Home from Home and the film itself is available on YouTube using the link below.